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martes, 1 de diciembre de 2020


Diploma Conmemoration of the V Centennial of the Discovery of Magellean Strait.

URE Local Branch in San Fernando conducted its fifth activity to conmemorate the V centennial of the First Circumnavigation of the Earth. This time, we remembered the discovery of the Strait of All Saints, today known as Strait of Magellean. 

The activity was developed from 31st Oct to 8th Nov. But our friends and colleagues from Circulo DX Pacifico Chileno (CPDXG) were also conmemorating this ephemeride during whole october with special callsign XR500M.

As a consequence of the fruitful relationship between both groups a special digital diploma has been created to award all radioamateurs and SWL that have contacted or heared AM500ETS and XR500M, indepently of the band or mode. 

Only 386 operators have gained this certificated that will be sent via email.

You can check if you will receive it with just one click on  DIPLOMAS

Thank you very much for following us and Congratulations to all.



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